To my friends in Japan with meditation about Japan tragedy.  

I would like to apply to my Japanese friends, to my partners in music, to many Japanese from different groups of society or different way of life. I would like to apply to people who I met during last 20 years of my visits in Japan, to all Japaneses.
My dear friends, all of you is joining one quality which can say so much for people from another countries. This is Japan national character. Now your national character undergo a terrible ordeal. I see tragic videos what TV show for all World. People of Earth can see not only awful cataclysms of nature, but and incredible firmness, amazing collectivism, reciprocal respect, the readiness to come to the rescue each other.
Our beautiful nature can kill us unfortunately. We don''t know exactly how many Japaneses have lost life. But everyone from them will stay in our memory. Japan will rise to new elevation very soon, I am sure. I hope to fly to Japan soon, I want to share your difficulties, your sorrow and feeling of grief in your high culture.
I would like to express my deep condolences to families who lost relatives. Human life is greatest value. Alive must continue to live for continuing of life on the Earth.

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