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My concerts 2009 - 2011

Concerts in Japan. June 2009.
18th morning concert in Fukuyama
19th concert at Reed and Rose Small Hall.
20th concert at Otuska Internatinal Museum Sistine Hall in the afternoon.
21st concert at Munetugu Hall in Nagoya.
25th concert at Itabashi Planetarium.
26th concert at Planetarium in Yokkaichi.
27th concert in Nara.
28th conert in Ueno SOGAKUDO. Tokyo.
29th concert at Act Hall Narimasu. Tokyo
30th concert at Art cafe. Tokyo
Cocert in Japan at June 2010
Concert at Bunemon Hall (Her majestys Grand fathers name). 12.06.2010
Concert at Matsumoto Memorial. 13.06.2010
Concert at Nagoya. 16.06.2010
Concert at Toyohashi 18.06.2010
Concert at Yokkaichi Planetarium with midi-piano accompaniment. 19.06.2010
Concert at Tokyo Yamaha Hall. 21.06.2010
Concert at Shizuoka. 22.06.2010
Concert at Okayama. 26.06.2010
Concert at Himeji. 27.06.2010
Concert Concert at Tokyo Art Cafe. 30.06.2010
Concerts in Japan at June 2011
Concert at Matsumto Memorial. Tokyo. 12.06.2011 Solo and with Midi-piano accompaniment.
Concert at Elementary School. 13.06.2011.
Concert at evacuation center. 13.06.2011. Solo and with Midi-piano accompaniment.
Concert at Ohji Hall with Sawa-san group 16.06.2011
Concert at Chiba. 17.06.2011
Concert at Tokyo International University. 18.06.2011
Concert at Tokyo Art Cafe. 23.06.2011
Concert at Hachiouji. 25.06.2011
Concert at Fukushima. 26.06.2011
Concert at Taihei Temple. 28.06.2011
Concert at Nagoya. 29.06.2011
Concert at Russian Embassy. Tokyo 30.06.2011

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